Ondialer - Cloud Call Center

Cloud Based Call Center Solution and satisfaction oriented Call Center Platform

With its scalable structure, you can manage your customer communication and team,

new generation call center system.

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RootBot - Chatbot Software

Chatbot, which understands users' natural expressions, interacts with speech and text.

It offers a self-service solution that can be installed. The new way to interact with your customers.

In today's digital environment, people and businesses are more interconnected than ever before.

is connected. Many businesses are using technology to offer self-service solutions to their customers.

It benefits from increasing communication channels (social media, messaging applications, e-mail, etc.) depending on the developments.

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Cloud Based Storage Software

Cloud Storage; you want in the working environment without the need for an extra installation.

software, data hosting and hardware that enable you to access data anytime and anywhere

services to the buyer by collecting them under a single roof.

delivery system. With this technology, it also provides a solution to the problem of collecting your data from different places.

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Hospital Appointment System

The Ondialer Hospital Appointment System, written using modern software languages

with the highest level of security measures, has a professional artificial intelligence memory trained

with advanced and natural language learning systems. Thanks to special algorithms, all data

is processed securely.

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