Cloud Storage; It is a system that includes software, data hosting and hardware services that allows you to access the data you want in the working environment at any time and anywhere without the need for an extra installation, and collects them under a single roof and delivers them to the buyer. With this technology, it also provides a solution to the problem of collecting your data from different places. This software, which facilitates operations by helping employees save time, also greatly benefits your storage areas. All you need for cloud software is internet. After the internet connection is provided, the software, which uses minimum storage space with your devices, stores your data and makes it available to employees and customers upon request. Rootcodes cloud systems offer you a secure and fast cloud system thanks to its horizontally expandable server configuration.

What is Cloud Software? It is a software service that provides convenience to users in terms of operation with web-based applications without requiring cloud software installation. If the device to be used to access the data in the software has an internet connection, it can be accessed anywhere desired. While many files are required to store data in daily life and business life, thanks to cloud software, the data is collected in one place by minimizing the footprint. Cloud-Based Software Cloud-based software provides more opportunities and time to make new investments, create new products, grow your business, and increase your efficiency and commitment to work, as well as enabling individuals and institutions to realize their hardware and software in a shorter time. Thanks to cloud-based software, your information is stored under the name of secure storage service. In the absence of cloud-based software, there is a danger that the information and data contained in it will be lost and cannot be retrieved. This function, which eliminates the risk of data loss if your device breaks down, offers you your information again. In addition, with this software, you are given the opportunity to change and update your data without the need for additional time in your works. Cloud Technology Cloud technology is a technology that facilitates your operations with minimal storage space by saving a great deal of time in your daily life and work with its cloud-based software that protects individuals and institutions from hardware obstacles. In addition, cloud technology allows users to increase their use by sharing their devices. Here, you can easily transfer the data on your device to a different device.

Cloud software installation processes are processed by installing it on your own server by us. In this way, you will not be connected to the outside and your data will be safe.