Chatbot provides a self-service solution that understands users' natural expressions and interacts with speech and text.

The new way to interact with your customers. In today's digital environment, people and businesses are more connected than ever before. Many businesses benefit from increasing communication channels (social media, messaging applications, e-mail, etc.) depending on the developments in technology in order to offer self-service solutions to their customers. Thus, they can meet the increasing demands and expectations of their customers and achieve a higher Return on Investment (ROI) by reducing their operational costs. Rootbot - Chatbot is an easy-to-use and effective chat software that allows providing high-quality and smart self-service solutions. This solution, which includes artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, allows users to interact by speaking in natural expressions as if they are human. Rootbot - Chatbot accurately understands what users mean by their expressions, answers even their complex questions. Self-service is of great importance in increasing workforce productivity and improving customer experience. Rootbot - Chatbot, besides giving businesses the opportunity to increase their efficiency and improve the customer experience; increases customer loyalty, sales figures and return on investment.

Rootbot - Thanks to the Chatbot, you can keep the number of employees working in your call center at a minimum. It also saves time as they can communicate with multiple customers at the same time. Unlike a phone call, more detailed communication can be established in a shorter time. In addition, mutual pictures, files, links, etc. It is a more effective way of communication than a telephone call.