Hospital Appointment System

Artificial Intelligence Supported Natural Language Processing: Our appointment system is equipped with artificial intelligence supported natural language processing technology. Thanks to this technology, patients can submit their requests in natural language. For example, they can submit their request to the system with an expression such as "I want to make an appointment with the ophthalmologist". Artificial intelligence understands the demands of patients and determines which unit they want to make an appointment with. In this way, directing to the right unit is made and communication becomes more effective. Quick and Easy Call Answering: The IVR system makes it quicker and easier to answer incoming calls. Patients can speed up the appointment process by connecting to the IVR system. The IVR offers a range of options and helps patients choose the unit they want to schedule an appointment with. In this way, patients are provided with shorter waiting times and a better user experience. It can be integrated into other HIMS software you use. Person verification is done through the ivr system. Our hospital appointment system module is equipped with features such as Enlil appointment system integration, IVR verification system, artificial intelligence supported natural language processing and fast call answering. In this way, the appointment process of patients is managed more easily and quickly, the workload of hospital staff is reduced and productivity increases.

Artificial Intelligence Supported

Do not lag behind technology. Meet with the completely artificial intelligence supported appointment system, apart from the usual appointment systems.

Smart Routing and Scenarios

Thanks to the artificial intelligence supported language detection and smart IVR system, your patients are directed to the relevant units without wasting any time. Thanks to the natural language processing system, your patients can handle all their transactions by speaking without any typing.

Always Safe - 100% Local

Written using modern software languages with the highest level of security measures possible, Ondialer Hospital Management System has a professional artificial intelligence memory trained with advanced and natural language learning systems. All data is processed securely thanks to special algorithms.

Integration Compatibility and Additional features

Our artificial intelligence language processing model system can be integrated into all HIMS systems. It includes hundreds of features such as contact verification, speed dial and answer, Enlil appointment system integration, IVR support.